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This cute face was made possible by belly rubs

(or in Bruno's case, waving a wet wipe in the air!)


Something I've learnt over the last few years as a pet photographer is to understand each dogs' individual personality.

Some like high-pitched sounds, others like pig snorts. Some of them get easily distracted, so for them movement is a good attention grabber!

Let's take Bruno for example...

He's a beagle puppy. Holding a treat to get his attention didn't work, because all he was thinking about was to somehow get the treat out of your hand. That made him irritated when anyone would hold him. Now, IF he got a hold of the treat - he has food aggression- he wouldn't let you take it away & would protect it. So in turn, he was eating more treats than I wanted him to, which meant he wasn't being rewarded for the right behavior.

So we went the other route.. Movement of something!


His family told me that he LOVES wet wipes & so, I pulled one out of the bag & started waving it around. Bruno is a pup who is ON from the moment he’s awake till the time he sleeps. Full of energy, curiosity & naughtiness, Bruno makes you laugh constantly.

His quirks :-

He’s more attracted to wet wipes than he is to treats.

He loooooves shoes & I would have use a shoe in between the shoot to get his attention.

He hates being picked up.

He explored water for the first time during our shoot!

Our shoot took place in Sunder nursery, a beautiful pet friendly space, perfect for photography. Bruno got a chance to trot around & explore. Smell the flowers, play with the streeties that live there & even jump into the water (something he’s never done before!)

Over the years clients have told us that they hire us because there’s only one chance to get it right. Puppies grow up so fast, so there’s no time for mistakes!

Our process is exclusive and our final output are timeless, beautiful photographs. Your puppy portraits will be a conversation piece to have & for you to enjoy for a lifetime!

Safe to say, we got some ridiculously cute photos of him. I mean obviously!! JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Let's hear what Bruno's mom had to say about the shoot!


While I decided to capture some precious memories with my fur baby, I researched & reached out to a couple of pet photographers PAN India & from the first glance of Pawparazzi’s IG page I had a hunch that I would be goin ahead with Prathima’s work.

Cut to today- where I am reassuring myself of taking the best decision by inviting Prathima over to Delhi. Her precision and creativity is something that stood out. With a little hyper active puppy we weren’t sure if a photo session was even be possible, but Prathima was super spontaneous at responsive and always entertained our doubts. She was kind enough to get on calls with us to explain the process and know how's at multiple occasions. On shoot day as well Prathima could handle Bruno well and managed to catch his attention again and again.

Prathima knows her work well and has captured some beautiful memories for us through her creative lens. She definitely is super friendly with the fur babies and woos them with sheer love.

What stood out for me was the effort she made to do a recce of the Sundar Nursery a day prior to the shoot and kept an ideation plan/spots ready for the shoot day. Mails of to do’s, reminders, sharing guides, showed her professionalism.

This experience was worth living for as a family and the memories are etched in our hearts forever! THANK YOU PAWPARAZZI!

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