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The Experience 

Hmm...What's the perfect gift for an animal lover?

What can you give them that's a surprise, that comes in a cute little box with perfect wrapping & freebies (we all know everyone like's free stuff)? Something that's special, unique AND meaningful?

Something that will continue to bring a smile to their face for many years to come?

Pawparazzi's Gift Certificate strives to achieve everything that you've just imagined. We capture everything that people love about their pets.

And a guarantee from our side is that they will have the BEST. TIME. EVER!!! 


We will spoil them & their pet's to the bone with treats & a whole lot of love, & out of all that fun will come memories, beautifully captured for a lifetime. 

It’s all about celebrating the bond that they share with their fur-babies!


How it works


You pick the ₹ ₹ amount:

Choose to pay for the complete session for your loved one OR sponsor a part of the by choosing the amount that suits you!

Payment for the session will be done in full before handing over the gift certificate to you / the person you are gifting it to.


Expiry date - 2 months from purchase

Non - refundable & Non - transferable amount.

Sessions available - any date (within 2 months)
 that the receiver of the gift chooses.
Please note: Extra digital images, extra shoot time & customised frames/photo-books/prints are not included in the fee

"Everytime we stumble upon them they spill a smile over everyone's face. It was totally worth it!"

"I gifted my sister-in-law, Karuna, a session from Pawparazzi for her fur baby Messi!!! It was for her birthday present. I wanted to gift her something memorable that lasts a lifetime. And what could have been better than photos that pawse the time for you to cherish.


I wanted the shoot to be a one that was fun and reflects nothing but love and admiration. Having done a shoot earlier with Pawparazzi, I just knew what the right choice was.


The photos still warm our hearts. Everytime we stumble upon them they spill a smile over everyone's face. It was totally worth it!"

- Shreya

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