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Rainbow Bridge Shoots 🌈

I remember when Priyanka called me to get a shoot done for Zohan, she knew all about our Rainbow Bridge sessions was sure that’s what she wanted.

Zohan was 13 years old & somewhere in her heart, Priyanka knew that they didn’t have too much time left with him. She went through our packages & said “This is unfortunately out of my budget”…But there’s no second chances when it comes to a Rainbow Bridge 🌈 shoot.

You never want to look back at a moment & regret not having done something.

Time isn’t on your side & it mattered that she had these memories with her instead of looking back at it & regretting not doing it, So I took my time to convincer her & told her to listen to her heart. After having a few talks with her, they agreed!

Zohan & Danika (the daughter) have been best of friends. We did the shoot on Rakhi & it was the best way to commemorate their love for one another. ♥️🐾

Zohan's Life Story...

Priyanka & her husband have lived across this old man for more than a decade. That man decided to bring home a dog! But soon after, he was diagnosed with cancer 😕

Every time he had to go out to the doctors, he would leave his cute little lab puppy with Priyanka & her family. They would play fetch & train & babysit this cute little puppy till the man came home. This went on for years, but the old man’s health kept deteriorating.

Soon enough, the old man & his dog grew old together, 2 old men living in the same house, helping one another through the day. The old man passed away during the lockdown & in his will, he said that he wanted Priyanka & her family to take Zohan in as their own, & they did! ♥️🐾

Zohan spent his twilight years with a couple & their daughter who went on to become his best friend. She would roll all over him, cuddle & speak to him. They found a sibling in each other… it was meant to be.

Doing this shoot on Rakhi was the world coming full circle for this family. Zohan & Danika are very close to one another & they knew his time was coming.

There were a few tears shed, but a lot of laughter as they told stories of Zohan as a puppy even as an adult doing all the naughty things he used to.

It couldn’t have been better. 🥹

We may not be able to see you, but you live in our hearts forever… ♥️


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