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Embracing the Chaos

I have been photographing Prasanna & Anu's growing family ever since I can remember. They were there from the very start when I started Pawparazzi & needed to experiment with ideas, they were there. When I needed to shoot content for brands they were there. Even when I didn't have any work & just wanted to create something so that I wasn't sitting Idle, they were there!

I have seen them as a couple with a dog,

then as a family of 3 with a dog,

then as a family of 3 with 2 dogs,

then through their pregnancy of their 2nd child with a toddler in tow & 2 doggos and now,

a beautiful family of 6 - 2 dogs, 2 parents & 2 beautiful kiddos!

You can only IMAGINE the madness that ensued as we started our shoot, but there was nothing more wholesome than seeing the kids play with bubbles, share toys, kiss mom & dad. Those tiny stolen moments in between the big ones are what make the shoot so much more special.

I would like to introduce you to Ollie & Shelby.

Shelby being the eldest at 9 years old is a puppy at heart. She hates when she's not the centre of attention & will demand that you get your ass off the sofa & come play with her. She is super affectionate & loves to rub her body over you when you first see her & if you're sitting down, she'll shove her head through your legs & place her butt square infront of you for butt scratches.

Ollie on the other hand is an adopted indie. She unfortunately bounced a lot of houses before she found her forever home with this family. She's fierce, loyal & very protective of the family. Her choice on liking you depends on her gut feeling & the best way to try to be friends with her is to just ignore her & wait for her to come to you!

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