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Best Friends Fur-ever

Have you heard of something called the 1st child syndrome?

It's basically when a new baby is born into the family, the majority of the attention that was given to the 1st child is now given to the new baby, leaving the elder sibling confused & jealous. Something I've realised over the course of time, is that doggos feel it too!

Whether you're adding a new puppy into the family or a hooman baby, the doggos always crave for more attention & end up acting like babies to get it. Milo is a HUGE lab, literally twice the size of a normal one & at heart, he's obviously the baby of the family. Now that Abeer has come along, they kind of have a love-hate relationship.

Babies usually tug & pull, not knowing their strength, so Milo ends up keeping his distance from Abeer, but the one time that he's actually very close to Abeer is when it's his feeding time. Milo gets jealous & tries to get cozy with the parents while Abeer is being fed hahaha!

That being said, Milo is so gentle around him, even though he doesn’t understand his size & how much bigger & strong than Abeer he is, Milo is careful about how he approaches Abeer.

That lovely morning, Abeer was a little cranky. He wasn’t really a fan of being woken up for the shoot, but playing Peekaboo, letting him chew on Milo’s soft toy & letting him hold onto Milo’s paws really made him happy & excitable!

Abeer’s favourite colour is orange & that’s why Milo wears that colour often! They want Abeer & Milo to interact often & since Abeer isn't old enough to play with him yet, the only way for them to interact without rough play is for Abeer to reach out & touch Milo's harness or collar when he sees the colour. He also really loves holding Milo’s paws for some reason haha. Seems to be fascinated by them & keeps reaching around people to touch & play with them.

I was really hoping to continue capturing Milo & Abeer’s growing relationship, but they are moving to the US soon! So to take a little something back with them, we decided to make them a coffee table book with all of these photos!

REVIEW - Ankita Attri

We had an extraordinary experience with Prathima for our family photographs with special emphasis on our baby and our fur-baby. I have always loved her work and was bugging her from a long time for a shoot of our babies. She was kind enough to come a long distance for just our shoot and was extremely professional and compassionate the whole time.. both our babies took no time to get comfortable with her.. we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had loads of fun!

She was exceptionally patient with our camera shy doggo and could easily capture his quirky and goofy personality. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional photographer to make a lifetime of memories with their fur-babies.

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