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Sugar-faced Seniors!

In May of 2023, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Dubai & do some shoots! I have recently started cherishing Senior dog shoots a lot more & I was lucky enough to meet one of the cutest, sweetest, funniest senior dogs ever! Meet Charlie!

He's an 11 year old cutie-patootie. This sweet boy was adopted in the USA in 2016. His mom (Jyotsna) knew she wanted to adopt an adult dog as their adoption rates are quite low & their chances of finding a family are slim to non after they cross 5years of age.

Jyotsna says "I walked into the shelter & told them I wanted a terrier (my friend had one, so I knew how to take care of one properly & felt I was prepared & more comfortable with a smaller dog!). They took me to Charlie & I fell in love. He has always been super calm and quiet inside the house, motivated only by food and treats.

Soon after adopting him, I wanted to move back to Dubai & be with family, of course I was going to take him along! Due to some technicalities, we needed to stay in Bombay for 3 months & wait for a particular vaccine that he needed to take before we could move to Dubai. He had such a great time in Bombay. We would go to the beach, he loved auto rides & the rains! Finally, we got to move to Dubai! Once we shifted, we realised that he loved going for hikes towards the outskirts of the city & even loved running on the sand dunes!"


For the shoot, I asked Jyotsna if there was anything in particular that she wanted me to capture of Charlie & she said "Rolling in the grass & his side-eye! Oh! And I also want him to be in his black harness because that's the harness I had adopted him in!"

I couldn't have ever been given a better brief! There is a small patch of grass (calling it a garden would be a stretch) & she wanted us to do the shoot there as it would be easier for Charlie if we needed to head home & have him relax in the AC.

As soon as we reached the grass patch, she unleashed him & just as expected, Charlie dashed towards a nice fluffy patch & flopped over, getting a nice rub of what we can only assume was bird poop! Hahaha but he couldn't have seemed any happier than he was in that moment, so we just went with it!

The shoot went so smoothly. We let Charlie take the reins & boy-oh-boy was he a star! His personality shone through & the relationship he shared with his momma was so cute, the love just surrounded us!

We wrapped up a fantastic outdoor shoot within 45min & headed into their home (it was also peak summer & had gotten so humid by 8:00am).

Once upstairs, Charlie had his morning meal while the Hoomans sipped on some coffee, chatting away about our dogs! Once Charlie announced that his tummy was full with a nice loud burp, he did a few tricks for us & then sat with his momma for his morning massage!

You know when you go to get a massage yourself & end us asking the masseuse to increase the pressure? Charlie loved a really nice, hard massage to ease his aching bones hahaha!

His face while his worries were being pressed out of his body was a sight to see! (Luckily, I captured the expression!) Once he slowly started falling asleep, I thanked both of them for such a wonderful experience & slipped out, leaving Charlie to rest in his peaceful slumber! -----------------------

Take a look at what Jyotsna had to say about our shoot!

"Charlie and I had the best time with Prathima doing our shoot in Dubai. She was extremely professional and still warm and friendly. Charlie was instantly comfortable with her and she always made sure he was comfortable and happy. Coordinating shoot times and dates was also so easy as she’s very responsive but also flexible. The pictures are the best part- they have come out so so beautiful and I couldn’t be happier to have these memories with Charlie captured. Thank you so much Prathima!!"

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