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Babies are adorable. Dogs are lovable. Pair the two together and you've got a too‑cute combo.

If you’re reading this guide, I’m guessing you’re going to give birth soon or already have & want to capture some beautiful moments of your dog & baby together.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

We are so glad you’ve come to Pawparazzi to have these precious memories captured! ♥️🐾

This guide will help you go through the steps of planning out your newborn shoot with dogs & help you streamline your vision!



It’s going to be very overwhelming in the beginning. Some people settle into motherhood easily & others may take more time.

Make sure to book your newborn shoot in WHILE you’re still pregnant so that you are mentally prepared for it after giving birth. This will help you plan out your outfits, your baby’s schedule & make sure you’re in a happy mental space to really enjoy this time in your life.

If you leave the planning for later, it’s very possible that you’ll push it for “when your baby is older” & you might miss out on the best moments of your journey.

They will never be as small & cute & tiny as they are when they’re born!



Just like puppies, baby’s can’t really step out of the house until all of their vaccinations are completed. It’s for this reason that we would prefer to keep all newborn shoots in the comfort of your home.

This not only helps you have everything you need at arms distance, it’s also easier for your fur‑baby to adjust to the new activity that is going on in the house. They are more comfortable in their own space too!

Having an at home session gives you more privacy for feedings, diaper changes etc.



If you are someone who is okay with doing the shoot a few months after the birth & think that your baby will enjoy the outdoors, then that option is always available for you!

The plus point of doing the shoot outdoors would be that the surroundings may be more picturesque, you’ll have beautiful sunlight streaming onto you.

Something to be aware of with outdoor shoots would be the timings.



With regards to indoor shoots, even though it depends which side your house is facing, more often than not, the indoor shoots happen between 11‑3pm.

The diffused light entering the house is soft & beautifully caresses the skin, giving you an etherial look.

If you’re someone who would be more inclined to do an outdoor shoot with your baby, do keep in mind that we only shoot from between 7‑9am in the mornings to avoid crowds, shoot in pleasant weather before it starts to get hot, & end the shoot in time for you to go on with the rest of your day & not have it affect your schedule!



Now this is something that we would generally extensively discuss. At Pawparazzi, we make sure that everything that everyone wears is a part of s colour scheme so that the photographs come out aesthetic & cohesive!

For the mom ‑ I would always suggest a nice, loose dress. Something that looks good, is comfortable, non‑itchy material (mostly cotton) so that it doesn’t disturb the baby. Subtle, pastel colours go best!

For the dad ‑ colours that complement the moms outfit ‑ beige, brown, light blue denims, white. Again, mostly pastels, soft material

For the fur‑baby! ‑ as we like to keep our shoots more natural looking, we would say a matching colour or a bandana at the most just to say that they are now a “Big Brother / Sister”.



I’ve had some clients say that their fur‑baby is crazy about their hooman one. They want to be around them at all times, can’t wait to slobber them with kisses & shower them with love. Where on the other hand, I’ve also had some clients say that their dogs don’t want anything to do with the baby hahaha!

Let us know what kind of relationship they share, how close they may be, what are some moments during the day that you see where your dog doesn’t want to leave your side?



A newborn shoot can be a lot to handle, especially when you’re fresh out of the hospital after giving birth.

At Pawparazzi, the advice we give new parents is, let us take care of your doggo during the shoot. We will give them all the love, attention & playtime they need while you take a feed break for the baby.

While you position yourself on the sofa comfortably, let us take care of positioning your fur‑baby in the cutest way possible.

The more control we are in, the better!



When booking your shoot with us at Pawparazzi, these are just some of the questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of getting a newborn shoot done.

1. Do you want to recreate some photos from your pregnancy shoot?

2. Do you want it to be a studio shoot with a backdrop?

3. Would you want a shoot that’s more cuddly, intimate & depicts the happiness you have now that the baby is finally with you?

4. Is the shoot more focussed on you with the baby or with your dog & the baby?

5. What vibe do you want ‑ dark or bright?

We will be there from beginning to the end, to help with any ideas you may need. A part of our process is to exchange photo ideas & come up with a plan that suits everyone, so don’t worry, we’re here to help you!



I always say “No matter how much you plan it out, your fur‑baby will run the show” & in this case, your newborn baby will definitely do so.

I’ve added this point just as a disclaimer, to remind you that we can plan & prep all we want about the perfect poses & outfits & props, but at the end of the day, during the shoot, we would need to have that Go‑with‑a‑flow mentality to make sure we accommodate what the kids want to do & work around them!

If the photo is turning out the way you exactly envisioned it to, that’s okay! It’s your spin on the moment & that’s what will make it special to you.


If you’re more confident of your shoot now than you were before, give us a call at 7207616179 or reach out to us at 💌 to plan out your newborn shoot!


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