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I’ve had several people (who were pet parents first) & who are now expecting a baby, call me to cities all across India for their customized maternity photo session with their dog because it's such a significant event in their life!

We, at Pawparazzi, understand that there’s only one chance to get it right & promise you’re going to love your experience and the final result!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a maternity shoot done, here are some ways you can prepare for your shoot!


Depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are & your dogs comfort level, maternity shoots can happen either in the comfort of your home, or outdoors in a park!

For outdoor maternity shoots, we usually do a beautiful, cuddly picnic set up with a picnic basket, a rug (that’s a part of the colour scheme you have decided) in a lawn for your dog to play in! The whole set up is taken care of by us at Pawparazzi.

For indoor maternity shoots, we arrive 20 minutes early & move furniture around a little to play around with the space & light in your home to give you the best photo output! We bring rugs & accessories for your dog to jhujh up the space!

Just sit back and relax & let us take care of making your vision a reality!



For your dog to look his/her best on the day of the shoot, a grooming sesh is a must! If you have a pupper that has scruffy fur, I highly recommend that you get a facial trim done for them a few days before the shoot!

If you have a long haired dog, brush them everyday before the shoot, a quick body trim will do too!

Remember, don’t get the grooming session done the day before the shoot! Plan a week ahead incase of any mishaps!

When it comes to make‑up for yourself, keep it simple & sweet! A simple pink / mauve lipstick & some eyeliner goes a long way! The best outfit to wear for your maternity session is a dress that’s cinched in at the waist to accentuate your baby bump!



After having the preliminary discussions with us at Pawparazzi, we will help you decide on the colour scheme!

This would help us get props & accessories ready for you that match your aesthetic & vision, helping us create visually beautiful portraiture for this special time in your life!

This colour scheme will help you pick out clothes that you & your family will wear to the shoot!



Depending on the ideas & themes that we have discussed, the setups for the shoot can vary! But, all you have to do is bring along stuff for you & your pupper and let us take care of the rest.

Here’s a list of things you may need to carry for the shoot!

Outdoor Shoot List:

A copy of your ultrasound scans

A water bowl

Bandana / bow tie for your fur kid.

Collar & Leash



Incorporating your ultrasound scans into the maternity shoot can be a great way to show your baby & dog together for the first time!

They can be used to announce your pregnancy (if you haven't already) & to show the relationship your pup shares with the baby to come.

The photographs turn out absolutely beautiful & are definitely worth having in the long run!



At Pawparazzi, we strive to give you beautiful portraits that have been customized to your aesthetic & match your dog's personality.

At the same time, we ask our clients to come in with their own ideas as well! That way, our shoot is interactive!

We love delivering the best work & want to exceed your expectations! If you have any ideas / specific poses you want, do let us know!



Tell us about how your pet has been responding to your pregnancy!

Have they started acting differently? Do they do things carefully now? Have they started cuddling with the bump?

Tell us anything & everything. The more information we have, the more it’ll help us personalize your photoshoot & make it and unforgettable experience!


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