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Bandit & Bugsy

One fine day, I got this beautiful email from Mrinalini where she mentioned that her partner's doggo Bandit is getting old & that she would REALLY like a shoot of his to be done & that it was a surprise.

I was so excited with the thought! I love when people gift our shoots to fellow pet parents!

Bandit is a 13 year old doggo. He shares a really strong bond with his dad - Karan & my job was to capture exactly that. Bandit's love language is kissing, he will slobber you all over & still never think it's enough hahaha. Every lick of his leaves a trail of sticky saliva & his dad just loves it!

Some of you recoiled at that didn't you? Hahaha yeah it's not for everyone. But for Bandit & his dad, it was the essence of their relationship!

For this shoot, we kept it simple & minimal following the same vibe of the house. Clothing was white & clean making Bandit the star of the show!

We shot for a while at home doing some of the things Bandit loves & capturing him in his favourite areas of the house. Then we headed out to a garden close by.

One of Bandit's favourite activities is to go for a drive. He rests his chin on the window sil & just looks out at the world passing by. That day, the sun added a touch of magic to the photo as it shown directly onto Bandit's face, making him close his eyes & smile at it's warmth. It was one of those moments I will never forget.

Sometimes, when I'm looking though the viewfinder, I'll see a beautiful moment take place & without having to see the photos again, I know I've got THE SHOT. That one photo from that one moment is what defines the whole essence of the shoot for me.

Once we reached the garden, Bandit's boisterous younger sister Bugsy came bounding in & body slammed right into us. From that moment on, the chill breezy vibe turned into complete mayhem hahaha!

But, as I always say, we love embracing the chaos! So without stopping for a second, I shifted into 5th gear to match Bugsy's energy & off we went to capture her tornado of a personality!


"Prathima was incredibly professional & yet hearteningly compassionate from the time we connected. There was absolute ease in communicating what we wanted, she understood what was needed, was super accommodating to requests, and at the same time very clear on what can and cannot / should not be done.

But more than anything, when we did meet, she was the most friendly person & our fur babies loved her! She has a way to make her clients (two or four legged) super comfortable & have fun with the whole experience. We had a total blast and these are memories that we were fortunate enough to capture in photographs.

I would recommend Prathima and Pawparazzi to anyone and everyone who wants freeze some precious moments in time and enjoy doing it. We had a wonderful afternoon at home, in the car, and in the park, and I am already looking for excuses to do this all over again. Thank you so much!"

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