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The Gift of a Senior Dog Shoot

There is a wonderful saying,

“When we think of those companions who traveled by our side down life’s road, let us not say with sadness that they left us behind, but rather say with gentle gratitude that they once were with us.” 

There’s no doubt that the pain we feel when we lose a loved one is agonising, however, having memories of the seemingly insignificant things that you may one day wish to remember, maybe something you take for granted - their fur all everywhere, drool stains, or even muddy paw prints on your clothes - can ease the difficulty of watching your best friend grow older.

We ALL wish that our dogs would outlive us so that we wouldn’t have to go through the pain of losing them, but it’s true what they say,

“Tis better to have loved & lost, than to have never loved at all”.

Imagine having lived a life without experiencing the love of your dog, or never having met them. If you are someone who has a furry best friend, you know the joy, fun & excitement they bring into our everyday mundane lives!

As our beloved fur-babies age, we can honor them but remembering the happiness they brought to us while they were alive - through a photoshoot. A senior dog photoshoot is a great way to capture the beauty and loyalty of your elderly pup in an artistic & meaningful way that’s specific to the relationship you share with them.

Not only will you be celebrating your pet’s life, but it’ll also create a lasting memory you can look back on for years to come.

Even if your senior dog has health issues like blindness, deafness or mobility issues, beautiful images can still be created to capture your love for one another.

Photos are such a beautiful way to remember your best friend and to record their essence & the bond you have with them.



When you decide to work with a professional pet photographer, you are choosing to work with someone that is well versed in dog behaviour to make the experience dog focused and safe for your pooch.  They can help bring out your pup’s personality and show off their unique beauty.

Whether your goal is to have fun portraits taken of them or document their final years together, a senior dog photoshoot can result in some priceless images that will last a lifetime. Pet photographers understand just how special your fur-baby is to you & use their skillset to create photo masterpieces worthy of honouring them properly. 



If your senior dog is comfortable with car rides still, consider a location that holds some meaning in your lives - maybe a park that you walk in everyday, or their favourite beach! If they aren’t comfortable with travel anymore, a cozy at-home shoot is there perfect way to go! Having them in their comfort zone helps in keeping the photographs easygoing & unique to their experience!



I personally have had so many people reach out to me saying they are interested to do a shoot for their senior dog but waited too long to actually get down to it & unfortunately, now regret that they didn’t go through with it before their dog passed away. Follow your gut. If you feel “Okay, I think I want to do a shoot now” then listen to that feeling & go for it. There’s no “perfect weather” or “right time”. Make the time to celebrate your fur-baby, you’ll never regret HAVING photos with them, right?



I understand that a lot of people are shy of getting infront of the camera. We all can be a bit conscious & camera shy, but when it comes to your senior dog’s shoot, JOIN IN. Make it a point to BE THERE. We often times end up taking photos just OF our dogs & never get a chance to be in the photos ourselves. It’s your job to enjoy the moment & ours to capture it. Spend those moments with your furry best friend, take in the feel of their fur, the wetness of their nose, give them all the kisses in the world & let us capture the beauty that lies in the relationship that you share!

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