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Rowdy as can be!

I’m sure all y’all as pet parents know what its like to have a puppy. They’re so full of energy, bounding with excitement & in full exploration mode 100% of the time they’re awake.

Rowdy was exactly like that. A proper golden retriever as I like to call it. Running around, jumping on people, unable to contain his excitement.

His health had been bad since he was born. From gastro-intestinal problems, breathing problems and then, to being diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia at 7 months old, just a week before our shoot. As careful as we tried to be with him during the shoot, he just wouldn’t let that slow him down.

Off he went, chasing butterflies, bouncing around the lawn and trying to catch bubbles.

This was one of the first shoots I had ever done with bubbles & it's definitely one of my most favourite things to do! It adds an element of play time to the shoot & let's the pup enjoy themselves all the while, giving you some GREAT funky photos! hehehe

Take a look for yourself!

His family never had the chance to take photos of him as he was a young puppy because they were so busy trying to make sure he lives which is why this shoot was so important to them.

They had a great time & the photographs are definitely those that they will cherish forever!

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