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No cake, No party!

It’s your fur-baby’s birthday & you want to do something super special for them but you aren’t sure what it is…then a CAKE SMASH IS THE WAY TO GO!

Let them go crazy & chomp on a cake, roll around in the grass & be all gooofy!

Celebrate them at their weirdest, most true self!

Legs kicking in the air as they wiggle their body on the ground, face covered in icing from the cake, fur all messy & wet from the drool 😂


Usually, I ask client to let their doggo do some cake testing before we have the shoot to make sure that the doggos loooooove the cake we're shooting with! Luckily for Scooby here, his mom is a baker herself & she decided to bake the cake for his birthday shoot!

Scooby's family wanted to celebrate his 1st birthday with a bang & got in touch with me to do a cake smash birthday celebration shoot for him! It was a beautiful sunny day in February & we headed out to the park do have some fun! The minute we got there, Scooby was all revved up & ready to run around! Hahaha seemed like he was already hyped up on sugar!

We did some family photos to start with, because once the cake smashing commences, there's no going back to a clean face 😂

The photos are stunning & Scooby's brother _____ had such a great time watching his brother enjoy the cake, he kept wanting to be in the photos & feed him! They share such a beautiful bond & it was such an honour to capture that!

"Prathima is simply Awesome… She was soo good with Scooby and bonded so well with him… He was at his best behaviour with her… So easy to work with and so patient… Simply Superb and totally worth it ❤️ If you have a furry friend don’t think twice… Thank you Prathima & All the best to Pawparazzi" - Divya Asthana

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