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Beach, Please!

Our lovely friends Ritika & Pradip were moving to Canada soon & wanted to get a shoot done with their doggo before they left at his favourite place ever - The Beach!

It was a good 2 weeks of planning clothes, vibe etc before it finally came to the day of the shoot.

We all woke up at 4:30am & headed off to the beach to catch the sunrise & skip the crowd.

As we approached the entrance of the beach, the sun was slowly casting a beautiful orange-pink hue in the sky. We started our shoot at 6am at the beach & as soon as we took out our treat packets, we had 2 cute beach doggos join us! hahahah they just appeared out of nowhere & tagged along with us the whole time!

Ofcourse we had to include them!

Mojo’s most favourite thing to do in the WHOLE WORLD is go to the beach. He’s a pretty anxious dog in general but once he touches sand, he has a whole other side to him that comes out.

Super super confident, perfect commands off-leash. The transformation is amazing to see & because he was so comfortable, we did pretty much the whole shoot with him off leash!

But, that being said, to get the perfect shots with his parents, we had to keep him on his leash for the first 20min or so & he was wiggling with excitement the whole time, anxious to be let free!

We quickly wrapped up the family shots with him & let him go to have fun! The minute Mojo took off, our exercise started haha. We were running around with him, having him be himself & interact with his hoomans in his own way while we just captured the love. No poses, no direction.


His favourite thing to do is run into the water, become friends with the beach doggos & dig holes in the sand, so we aimed to capture everything!

Check out these photos from this beautiful shoot!

Ps - This was mojo's LAST TIME at his favourite Mumbai beach & we didn't realise it until I started editing the photos! Soon after this shoot, he moved to Canada with his hoomans!

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