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Double Trouble!

There's nothing better than the sound of dogs barking when you ring the doorbell.

The sound of the tippy-tappy-toe-beans scuttering across the floor towards you.

The look of two sets of beady eyes looking up at you through the glass door that lies between you & the CUTEST DOGGOS in the world!

That's how the first 10 seconds of my first interaction with Miso & Baxter went.

From the moment I set foot into the house, their little bums were wiggling with excitement.

They would jump up, stretching & trying to reach as high as possible to get me to bend down to their level. Kisses & ear licks were a given with these 2 cuties & I wouldn't have had it another way.

Miso is a tiny, cute-as-a-button, old granny looking Pug who looooves to cuddle.

If you're sitting on the floor, on a sofa or a chair, you can be sure that within the next 5 minutes, she's going to sneakily crawl into your lap & get all cozy.

Her body even vibrates like a cats' when they purr!

Baxter on the other hand would rather play with his toys than give you attention. Hahaha! (he's like one of people who plays hard to get!) He's such a cute little gremlin baby, you can't help but squish him!

With cheeks that you can pull & a bum that you can pat, I couldn't help but annoy him hehehe.

Our whole shoot consisted of playing dress up with the kiddos. We put them in necklaces, t-shirts, even baby wraps (hehehe scroll down to see that photo!)

The whole family joined in towards the end & we had a massive cuddle session with

Miso & Baxter!

Prathima was amazing and I now have a stunning set of full family pictures. She managed to get both my doggos and capture their little expressions which I am so glad to have as cherished memories. We got to play dress up, we got to roll around and have snuggles and was the best start to this new year! Thank you so much ❤️ - Rishika

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