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Bosco's Day Out

"Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." - Agnes Sligh Turnbull

"Hey Prathima! Can you do a photoshoot for me and my dog?"

"Haha, yes ofcourse! Before we start, tell me about your doggie!"

"Well, Bosco is an 8 year old happy, goofy puppy. Yes, a puppy, not an old boy at all!"

( I assure you, his energy surely was of a 4 year old pup!)

Bosco is truly a happy old soul. As soon as we reached the park, he jumped out of the car and ran around in the grass! Bosco made the shoot so interesting! We had to run around with him and sneak in photographs every chance we could get. Big boy packed with big energy!

Nonetheless, we were able to capture Bosco's true happy-go-lucky personality. His favorite toy, favorite treats and his twinning outfit with his mom added an extra element to the shoot!

There's always so much to learn from a dog. By the time our shoot ended, we were drenched in sweat & panting while making our way to the car. I stopped for a second and fell behind the group to check my photographs, as I looked up, I saw Bosco, trotting along with his mother. Not in the least bit tired.

"Age is just a number. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is an option."

I went home that day, realizing that if he can roll around in grass, chase after bugs & still be excited for more to come, then why can't I have the same attitude.

Prathima is a fabulous person around animals.. she has this natural bond with dogs. What amazed me was her patience levels with a brat like my Bosco. The output was not just amazing pictures of the most feisty dog but the feisty dog also ending up liking her! Thank you for helping me make memories with my Bosco.. I have known a great photographer and also an amazing human being in you! - Kanchan
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