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Blended Family

When I was growing up, Tom & Jerry taught me that dogs & cats never got along. I never thought that they could live in the same family & actually love each other. This family definitely proved me wrong!

In May of 2023, I had the amazing opportunity to take up shoot in Dubai! One of the shoots that I did was of a client who turned into a friend! Vishakha booked me 3 years ago when I was doing Christmas Minis. At that time, I had only done a shoot of her doggo Archie & now, she's married! Their family is so cute! The husband had a cat & Vishakha had Archie & now their a family of 4 weirdos hahaha!

Don't believe me? Just take a look!

Vishakha & her husband don't have any photos of the kids with them at their wedding since the venue didn't allow any pets, so she wanted to do a shoot at home with them to finally capture all 4 of them together!

The process of doing a shoot for a dog vs a cat is poles apart but imagine doing a shoot for both of them together! It's a blast!

Let's talk about the shy girl first - Maple. This cute, wide-eyed girlie is quite a shy catto.

She was wary of me because I was dressed in all black & had this weird black camera staring her in the face. So we had to give her ample time to get used to me. Rubbing some cat treats on the back of my hands helped in getting her close up shots as she would come close to sniff me, but I don't think we became friends just yet.

Archie the Chonkie on the other hand, hahaha, his boy bounces with energy & excitement anytime he sees someone.

Having known who I am, he was all jumpy & gave me loads of kisses during our shoot. He loooooves his treats & at the risk of getting highly judged by him, I had to break the treats into the tiniest of pieces so that he doesn't get fat during the shoot hahaha!

Maple doesn't like the outdoors, so we took Archie out to the closest park to get some beautiful shots in the sun. Even at 7:30 in the morning, the sun was really beating down on us, so we wrapped up the session quite quickly, but Archie didn't miss getting his zoomies in! He even came to steal some treatos from his dad after his run hahah!

Prathima is absolutely fantastic with my dog and sooo patient with my cat. It was our second time shooting with her and we absolutely loved it! From making the kids comfortable to making the entire experience a fun one - you can count her to give you a photoshoot you’ll cherish for long long time! - Vishakha Mota

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