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Tiger's Birthday

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one."-Anonymous

Taking care of and raising 3 boys is a lot to handle is what I've been told, but when another boy, one with 4 paws and a slobber that'll last for days walks into your life, nothing is too much, and the love is never ending!

I met Tiger at a Halloween event that I was a part of. He was just about 2 years old and getting trained at the time. He had an energy and zest to himself that no one could match.

He was like a tornado! Zooping from one end of the park to the other. It seemed like he had the zoomies that lasted forever!

I met his mommy coincidentally in the mall one day. She, along with the whole family were there. We got to talking about them shifting to the US soon, and my plans for the future.

Soon, we realized that the next day was his birthday!

The 3 kids looked at their mom with puppy dog eyes and voila!, we booked a shoot for Tiger's birthday!

Next up, shoot day!

As I walked in the door, Tiger greeted me with his birthday toy in his mouth and tail wagging uncontrollably from side to side. He was so different than the last time that I had met him! He grew up!

The shoot started off with the kids and Tiger playing with his new toys. Some bubbles that I brought added an extra touch to the photographs!

We climbed up rocks and rolled around in the grass. Tiger wasn't tired at all! He could go on and on! He loved the fun filled shoot that we planned for him. He was smothered with kisses and suffocated with hugs.

"Had a fantastic shoot and loved my pictures, would highly recommend Pawparazzi Pet Photography, I had family and doggie pictures combined shoot with Prathima, she is so sweet with Tiger he loved her, as did my whole family, She is professional and patient. You will love her!" - Koula Achillea

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