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The Fabulous Four

The one thing that I love about my job (apart from all the doggies, the slobbery kisses, the fluffy furry tails smacking my face, the excited jump hugs and the well basically everything about dogs) is that I get to travel all over India to capture memories of peoples pets!

I started this job full time just about 2 years ago and before I knew it, I was on a flight to Delhi to photograph a FAMILY of 4 dogs!

Before I starting shooting this family of 4 enthusiastic doggies, I had to sit down and just take a minute to understand each one. How they would react to me, the treat, the camera. Each dog was so different, which made the shoot that much more interesting! ♥️🐾 Let me tell you each one’s personality!

See the dog barking on the right? That’s ELLA, mamma dog and loudest of the pack. She will NOT listen to you if you have a treat. A treat is to be eaten, not to be used as a bribe... BERNARD sits in the centre with his BIG brown eyes and unbelievably large head (for a lab). He’s the first born & looooves the attention.

ZOEY sits on the far left. She’s a model and she definitely knows it. She’s the runt of the litter & is used to being cuddled. She loves giving kisses & will pose for you without you having to ask! Lastly, there’s MARTY, the dad. He’s at the back, just chilling, doesn’t really bother anyone. But, he’s got a bit of a snap. You can’t be the one going and kissing him, you’ve gotta wait for him to come to you!

Wow, what a day that was! It took us about 3 hours to photograph these 4 beauties but we had the most fun! We would do 30 minute photo shoots at a time and then go back inside to let them cool down and have a sip of water. It was quite hot in Delhi and the pups (not gonna lie, me as well!) needed to sit down for a bit!

The session was filled with toys, treats and a lot of playtime! We played with all of them and tried to bring out their personality! The doggies were pooped by the end of the shoot. Safe to say, it was a great shoot right?!

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