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Age is just a number

Here’s an unpopular opinion I came across the other day - Older dogs are cuter than puppies.

Every time I ask someone which is cuter, the answer is always puppies, with a few exceptions saying that oldies are cuter.

I never grew up with a dog, but then finally when I did have one, he didn’t survive long enough to grow old with us. I’ve never lived with a senior dog & I don’t know what it’s like.

But to those of you who have older dogs, tell me what it’s like...Share stories of how difficult or easy it can be. I would love to hear your stories and experiences.


Tyson is a 10 year old Labrador that I photographed just recently in Hyderabad. Let me tell you, when people say “age is just a number”, it couldn’t be more truer in this boi's case! Tyson is a dog filled with energy that his own body couldn’t contain hehehe.

His tail would wag back and forth and walk his sides so hard because he would be so excited when we took out his toys to play.

His humans are obsessed with him, and I don’t blame them! He’s bounding with energy and has so much love to give everyone around him! My sole mission in this shoot was to capture precious moments of Tyson and his Hooman & show their relationship.

My favourite part of the shoot was when I would tell them that it’s time for a family photo, everyone would gather around him and completely smush his face, pull his cheeks and kiss him all over! Now THAT’S true love!

I was looking for a pet photographer for Tyson's 10th birthday when I stumbled upon Prathima's account by sheer accident. Being an animal lover herself, Prathima had the patience to let Tyson get adjusted to her and the camera. She had the knack to get his attention and capture some great moments.. this shoot was extremely special for us and Prathima has frozen these moments to give us a lifetime of memories.. would do this again for sure... ❤️ - Sapna

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