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PDA laws don't apply to doggos! 🐶 🐾 ♥️

Ah I FINALLY get to upload photos from my Kolkata shoots from November last year! I absolutely loooove all of the shoots that we did. The weather was perfect, sunlight stunning & even though locations had become a problem, everything worked out in the end!

I went hunting for locations for a few days in Kolkata. They have some beautiful parks but all of them have a NO DOGS ALLOWED sign on them. It was so disappointing & I couldn't help but roll my eyes every time I came across one.

After 2 days, I finally found a pet friendly park called AUCKLAND SQUARE (a complete rarity in Kolkata). There was no security guard & there were dog paintings on the walls, so I took that as a good sign & finalised it for the shoot!


The winter sun was beautiful☀️

We kept the shoot simple & fun, capturing the relationship that Akanksha & her mom share with Ceasar.

Oh by the way, Say helloooooo to Ceasar!


This cutie is a 5yr old Golden Retriever. He’s usually a lazy bum but has these occasional bursts of massive energy! Hahaha, he would randomly get into Zoomie Mode & run around like a maniac!

He had that burst of energy during our shoot & I absolutely loved it!

He loved practising recall during our shoot which got us some beautiful running shots!


Super friendly, cute and calm, Ceasar loves loves loves humans. Loves to be the center of attention too!!

Take a look at some photos from Akanksha & Caesar’s shoot!

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