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There’s no better feeling than to see your dog have the time of their life when they’re leash free in a beautiful lush green park with a bridge, trees touching the sky, and a pond filled with fish.

Their ears flapping in the wind & tongue hanging out of their mouth as they run towards you in pure joy, them rubbing their back on the grass, legs wiggling in the air.

If your pup is :‑

‑ highly energetic,

‑ loves getting dirty

‑ needs space to run around & expend his/her energy,

‑ an adventurer,

then our OUTDOOR FAMILY SHOOTS are the best choice for you!

With a picnic set‑up 🧺 complete with a picnic basket, a bubble machine, some toys for your dog to play with (completely arranged by us), all you have to do is show up at the location & have a great time!

Your bond is magic, we’re there to capture it.

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