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Sorry, I have plans with my dog ♥️🐾

On a beautiful winter Sunday morning, when the rest of the crowd would be in bed, nursing a hangover, Data stepped out for his third photoshoot with us at Pawparazzi!

This was his first time EVER in a public park & we were so excited to have the opportunity to capture this special time with his family!

Data was cautiously curious at first, he wasn’t sure how to approach the whole situation, but after getting him to run around & rewarding him with treats, Data ended up LOVING the outdoors!

We were all so proud of him for pushing his boundaries & taking on the whole challenge like a sport! And I’m return, we got some stunning, timeless images for his family.

(It was also the first time ever that Data kissed me, and I swear I would have cried if we weren’t in public 😂🙈)

This shoot was such a wonderful experience. It was Data’s first time in a public park & he had soooo much fun!

Take a look at the fun we had!

Here’s a review from Mr Data Trehan-Lahiri himself!


This is my third photoshoot with Prathima in 2.5 years - that tells you how AMAZING she is.

I’m a very scared, skittish, anti-hooman doggo.

This means that every time I meet Prathima, she has to start the process of making me comfortable ALL OVER AGAIN. Anyone would get annoyed if they had to reinvent the wheel of friendship multiple times, but not Prathima - she’s always patient and kind towards me.


And this shoot was super special - it was my first time in a public park which is not my usual walking track. In spite of my fear of this new environment l, Prathima helped me focus on the shoot, and got incredible photos! In addition to being a wonderful hooman, Prathima is an extremely talented photographer - she captures moments together beautifully and every pictures tells a story.


My pawmily LOVES her work, and this was the first time I actually have given lickissies to Prathima (she was shocked 😂).

Thankooo my pawvourite Pawparazzi! Until next time ❤️

Love, Data Trehan-Lahiri

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