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New Roommate, On The Way!

When I got the call for this shoot, Brahammani told me that her dogs are very hyper & only listen with treats & that it would be a task to get the photos that she wanted. Having heard this multiple times over the last 4 years, I was sure that it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle.

Introducing Bailey & Leo!

Bailey is a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel. Being the first child, is calm, collected & a fantastic older brother to Leo, a 11 month old Yorkie. Bailey has the sweetest eyes but demands treats once you’ve shown him that you have one. Leo on the other hand is a ladies man; he loooves kissing you on your lips & even slips you the tongue from time to time hahah! He's a badmaash & he's so small, you have to watch where you're walking or you may step on his teeny tiny toe-beans!

They play really well together & are the best brothers

And they’re going to be the coolest biggest brothers now that their parents are expecting a hooman baby!

Their hoomans were so comfortable in front of the camera, it was harder to get these 2 to cooperate 😂

Bailey knew his sit, down & stay command, but Leo had refused to learn his commands when he was in training! Instead he would run around & ask the trainer to play with him. Luckily, he weighed less than 4 kgs & all we had to do was scoop him up & place him on someone’s lap for a photo!

I don’t know if it’s due to his size, or because he thinks he’s the cutest, but Leo thinks he’s the baby of the house.

Hahaha it think it’s going to hit him the most when the hooman baby comes along!

Leo NEEDS to peep through & check what’s happening when 2 people are kissing, he loves being a part of it & loves cuddling with his mom.

So when we were doing this photo … he tried to skooch in between them & we just had to get him in the shot hahaha!

When I honestly thought of this shoot I thought it would be an impossible task to handle both my pets and get them together in one frame since they're both extremely hyper. Not only did Prathima handle them with such ease but she also made the entire experience such a memorable and fun one. The images captured are soo real and true to the moment. Extremely happy with her work and looking forward for the newborn shoot as well. - Brahamanni

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