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Mowgli & Biscuit

This is definitely one of the cutest sibling duos I’ve photographed till date!

When I met Biscuit in 2020 for the first time, she was so apprehensive of new people coming close to her or entering the premises for that matter. The poor girl came with a history of trauma caused by some idiot humans while she was living on the street & then consequently being hit by a car when she was pregnant!

CAN YOU IMAGINE? How could anyone learn to love again?


Do you guys remember the shoot I did in Feb 2020 of the 8 indie pups that got adopted?

This is THAT Biscuit! Can you believe it?!

Incase you haven’t already read that story click on this link! -

She has settled in so well with her family now & has the best brother in the world - Mowgli!

They literally will not leave each others’ sides! Joint at the hip would be the perfect way to describe it. They can't get enough of each other, but they have their moments of sibling rivalry (as we all do).

Biscuit has softened up to people & become SOOOOOO loving towards humans now, its amazing to see. A change which I didn’t think was possible because of everything that had happened to her. I was called by her hooman - Aditi to capture their relationship & to show how much Biscuit is a part of their lives now! A shoot which was supposed to last 3 hours ended up lasting the whole day and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. Aditi & Ameera aunty made me feel so much at home.

We shot for 2 hours at first, then relaxed & had a few drinks, then shot for 2 hours again, had a yummy scrumptious lunch, shot again (hehehe) until the sun set & finally, shared some funny stories over dinner.

One of the best parts about my job is that I get to connect with my clients on a very personal level. They welcome me into their home, treat me like a friend, and that's a truly beautiful experience. Getting to talk about our pets, their weirdness & our love for them makes every photoshoot whole.

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