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Can they stay puppies forever?

Don’t you feel your pets are growing exponentially in the first 6 months?

They double & triple in size, their personalities change drastically and before you know it, they are fully grown adults, humping pillows and peeing on every tree possible!

(Heheheh! What a nice visual to put into your head)

Rommel’s Hooman called me one day and said “Prathima listen, we have to get a shoot of him done noowwww! He’s growing up too fast and I want to have beautiful photos of him as a little baby!”

After she showed me a photo of what Rommel looked like, I swear to you, I would have teleported if it was possible. I was off in a flash and boy-oh-boy did this boy look cuter in person than he did in photos! He was just the cutest little bundle of fur bouncing towards me when I rang the doorbell.

LADIES MAN…That’s what they call him at home. He sure does live upto his name. Literally all he does is have to EXIST and all us girls go gaga over him! “AWWW!”, “OH MY GOD SO CUTE!”, “I COULD EAT HIM UP!” ,“LOOK AT HIS TINY BUTT!” The list of exclamations would go on, but I’ll stop here and let you say those things yourself when you see his photos heheheh!!

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