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Holmes & Watson - Their pet photography session

I have never had a client come back as many times as Data's family has!

This would be the 4th time in 3 years that I've done a shoot for them & they always turn out to be some of the most wholesome, fun-filled & genuine photos I take. Shoots with this family are always an adventure, here's why!

The First time I shot them, I had to get introduced to Data, which itself took about 30min for him to get used to me. During the shoot, he came & gave me a little nip on my butt to scare me off hahahaha! Clearly it didn't work because I was back a few months later for his birthday shoot! That was the second time I met them!

The third time I shot them, we decided to venture out & do a shoot in Sunder Nursery! This was the first time Data was going to be in a public space in quite a few years & he did extremely well! The photos from that shoot are some of my favourites till date! They are so colourful, full of life & love!

Check them out here -

And now, for our 4th shoot, I travelled to Ambala!

Data's grandparents adopted 2 more Indies - Holmes & Watson in 2022 & we had been planning a shoot for them for so long, luckily, everything added up this time! So in Dec 2023, I travelled from Delhi to Chandigarh & then to Ambala to do their shoot!

Ah, what can I say about Holmes & Watson that you can't already guess about 2 indie pups? They are hyper, very loving, jealous when the other one get's more attention, eat EVERYTHING, naughty as can be, super cuddly & just so charming in every way.

It was a full day ordeal! We started our shoot at 10am after the dew evaporated & the grass was dry... We did a whole bunch of candid, fun stuff with the puppies. Let them go ham running around, climbing up the slide, cuddling with people etc!

Then late in the afternoon, just before sunset, we did a matching outfit shoot! All the hoomans wore our Pawparazzi Merchandise & then changed into these beautiful sweatshirts with Data & their other dog Sherlock's faces painted on them!

We took a photo with the whole family, photos with the help that is incharge of the pups & individual shots of everyone with the doggos!

I have to add a note here.

The Dadi of the family is such a baller. Guys, she's 94 & just living life. She loves the dogs, is so beautiful, super into politics. She's fun, loves meeting new people & has this stunning aura around her. She was so at peace & really didn't need any direction in the shoot.

Her energy lead to the dogs also calming down around her & I got some of the most stunning shots of them...

Check it out!

After we wrapped the shoot, the whole family when to take a nap while I worked on the photos to get them ready to present later that evening! The cold starts to creep in around 5pm, so I made my way inside, we all grabbed a drink & I plugged my laptop into the TV to show everyone the beautiful photos we clicked that day!

We all laughed, cried, and then finally made our way to the bonfire that was lit outside for us & ended our eventful day with a glass of Gin & Tonic & scrumptious kebabs!


"Prathima has done 3 photoshoots for our family, and this was the fourth. After working with Data, our asocial baby, for 3 years, Prathima was introduced to our high-energy, power-packed duo Holmes and Watson. And it was beautiful to watch how effortlessly she switched approaches between all 3 doggos at this photoshoot.

Prathima first built a rapport with the babies, helped them become comfortable with her and the photography equipment, and just made sure the cuties had a blast. S

he took outstanding shots of the four legged babies with all hoomans, including their 90+ year old grandmom. She also deftly suggested different ways for us to take pictures with all 3 in the same frame without there being a carnage.

And the final photos!!!! They are simply amazing! Prathima’s aesthetic is on-point, and I can’t wait for our next annual photoshoot :)"

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