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Cooper's Birthday

Don't we all enjoy spoiling our pets?

Aren't birthdays just the perfect excuse?

Cooper's second birthday was just a week away when we got a call.

Her mom wanted to do something extra special for her.

Within no time, the planning began. Dog-o-Bow made some beautiful outfits for Cooper, while Woof Basket got busy in baking the cake and treats!

The morning of the shoot was beautiful. The sun shined bright on us, and the trees gave us shade and created some beautiful light.

Scroll down to see the photographs from the shoot!

"My pet fell in love with Prathima & they were enjoying all around. It was such a delight to watch the way she was building a rapport with Cooper! Frankly after seeing the final images, I was blown away ♥️ Prathima truly gave us the best gift & I cant thank her enough for it! She captured us so perfectly. I will cherish these memories with Cooper forever! Thank you for making this happen in the most beautiful way!"
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