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Bella's Birthday Ball

One dog is just never enough...

Everyday I am forever grateful to have the job that I do.

Sometimes I can't believe that I get called to various cities across India to photograph peoples' pets!

This trip, was to Bangalore to photograph Bella's GOTCHA day! This poor little girl was abandoned on the road by her previous family. A rescue group picked her up & Nikita (her now forever hooman) got a call. And as usual, Nikita took Bella home & she found her forever home with Nikita, Buddy & Elmo!

Check out her Birthday Bash photographs below!

I had met Prathima last year (2019) when she was conducting a Mother’s Day photoshoot at Heads up for tails Bangalore store. I loved the pictures she had taken and knew I need to have her for my dogs milestone events. I had adopted Bella a year ago and wanted to commemorate her one year with us and do a birthday photoshoot.

It was truly an amazing experience. The photos have come out amazingly. The whole experience was fun. I loved that she brought all the props. Prathima works great with the dogs she knew how to get them to do the pose that was required. Everything was very natural and buddy Bella and Elmo had a great time.

We had a fun time and got many lovely pictures and memories out of it. There was a lot of thought and effort put into the photoshoot and I got everything I wanted and more.

Would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for really cute, fun, aesthetically pleasing, goofy, playful and lovely pictures of their Pets.

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