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Wagabond: An Adventure with Pawparazzi!

Hello there & good morning!!

(or afternoon or evening depending on when you're reading this)

It is such a fantastic day here in Bombay, India & I am hyped up on coffee - the perfect scenario to get me into the mood to write!

Today, I wanted to take you guys along with me on my shoots.

Although that may not be possible physically, it definitely is a possibility online. So, strap on your seatbelts & here we go!


In today's shoot, we are in a very special location that one of my dear, dear friends has created for all pet parents. A haven away from all the city noise & hustle.

Welcome to WAGABOND. A beautiful space in the midst of a jungle.

Kannagi - the owner of WAG - and I stumbled across each other when both of us were featured in Vogue India Magazine in Oct 2021 in the category of 5 Women Led Luxury Pet Brands & Services to Look Out For!

We instantly hit it off & have luckily found each other in the pet industry, a place that can definitely get lonely at times.


My wonderful clients - Sahil, Sanam & Homiee - have booked a cute little cottage here at WAGABOND & had asked me to come over & do an adventure shoot for them! I just had to bring someone along with me to capture what went on behind the scenes & I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

We started from Bombay around 3:30pm on 5th Aug 2022. It was a rainy day and took us a little longer than 4 hours to reach WAGABOND which is just outside Karjat.

We spent the evening catching up with my clients, learning more about them, Homiee's adoption story, about who they are as people & discussing what we would be doing the following morning for the shoot!

En route to Karjat, it was drizzling / raining the whole way, but the rains stopped once we reached. That night, we all prayed for sunny skies & clear weather the next morning for shoot & hit the hay.

The next morning, we all suited up for the shoot. I wore my typical all black Pawparazzi outfit (just easier so that the dirt / paw marks etc don't leave a stain) & packed my studio light, camera, treats, reflector, water bottle, cap, sunscreen, bubble machine, etc into a huge camera backpack that ended up weighing about 10 kgs & strapped it onto my back. (If you're ever in need of a workout, this is definitely one way to do it!)

And off we went! Once we reached the WAGABOND gate, we took a right & walked the path to a beautiful small stream that happened to appear. Wag lies at the bottom of the hills where rainwater trickles down in the form of tiny waterfalls & gives rise to some picturesque streams & a river too!

Homiee is a rescued, adopted indie dog who is terrified of water.

Something that everyone should know is that, in our shoots, I will try to push your dogs boundaries if I know that they will take it in a positive manner.

I love when my clients work with me on the same & trust the process.

Homiee hated the small stream. He refused to even dip his teeny tiny toe-beans into the water, but I wanted to push him to do so. We used a whole range of treats & rewards like love & loads of kissies to make him feel comfortable.

It definitely quite some time, I won't lie, but man oh man was it worth it. Homiee took the challenge like a champ & discovered something new about himself in the process & so did his parents!

I wear the dirtiest shoes on shoots & realllly didn't want to get my feet wet in the stream I absolutely hate the feeling of wet socks in shoes! But it was the only way to get THE SHOT of Homiee. So I had to go for it & you guys, the photos have come out so well.

Take a look at the photo I took of Homiee here at the small stream!

After the small stream, we continued walking to the river that flows below the road. The river is also a starting point for a long trek that people travel to Karjat for. Where the small stream was for portraits of Homiee alone, the river called for some beautiful family portraits of Homiee with his parents.

Everyone kicked off their shoes & took a dip into the cool water. The river bed was lined with slippery rocks which made it harder to get the photos we wanted to, but that didn't break our spirit. We spent about an hour there get photos of Homiee honing the adventurer in him, photos with his parents & then headed back to Wagabond to take photos in the cottages!


After a quick outfit change, we told everyone to get cozy on the bed! I had a specific shot in mind & Homiee was not in the mood to do that photo. He didn't like the feel of the blanket that I laid out & ended sitting up instead of lying down between his parents. Coincidently, we got one of the cutest photos in the whole shoot!

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