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Waiting for the little one

"A house is not a home until it has a dog." - Gerald Durrell

The best gift to give your child, is someone who they can count on. Someone who'll lick their tears instead of wipe them, someone who'll slobber on them instead of kiss them, and someone who'll never break their heart.

Oscar was such a gentle sweetheart. He knew that there was new life coming into this world and that he would soon have a best friend!

This was my second maternity shoot, and I was super excited to try new things and take photographs that I had framed in my mind. To being, we did an in-home shoot. We wanted to capture the essence of the house and make Oscar comfortable.

In the evening, we took some outdoor photographs! The weather was beautiful and Oscar absolutely loved running around freely without his leash. He ran up the hill, then down, back up again and then down.

We quickly did some dress changes and wrapped up the shoot just in the nick of time!

The rain poured down on us as we made our way home.

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