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Stepping into big brother shoes

"I promise to share all my toys with you, if you promise to share all of your food!"

Maternity shoots have grown on me and are now one of my favorite shoots to take up when it comes to pet photography.

I love that there are people out there who are grateful to have their furry one by their side for this new chapter in their life & that they are treating them just as well as they would their hooman child.

Coffee, isn't just a pet, he's truly what they call, a fur-BABY!

His parents are head over heels in love with him & wanted me to capture them cuddling, playing & enjoying each others company before the new baby came (which was not too far away). They wanted to pamper & show that they loved him.

He got a new bowtie, new treats & a new toy all because he was a good boi!

During our shoots, I usually ask clients to keep different types of treats ready, (varying in value from low to high), but Coffee would only get the best of the best.

Even though it was his mommy who was pregnant, we would have to take breaks for him when he was getting bored/tired!


And the best part? They have already booked me for a follow up shoot with Coffee once the baby arrives! Oh my god that's going to be SO MUCH FUN! My first ever baby & dog shoot together!

Stay tuned for the newborn shoot, I'll be taking photos from this shoot & uploading photos from the newborn one side by side in another blog post!


Take a look at the wonderful shoot I did with the most wonderful family!

Prathima is really good with dogs.. she ensures the dog feels comfortable and we got some really good pictures. She is patient and comes well prepared for the shoot if there is any specific theme in mind. For me I wasn't really sure of the outfit and she really helped me pick one of the several options I sent her.. thank you Prathima I m glad I got some amazing shots with my baby 🤗😘 - Priyanka Pilankar
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