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"It really is the dogs house, we just pay the bills."

Introducing Milo, the king of the house!

Before every shoot, I ask my clients to send a tiny write up about their pupper for me to get a better understanding about them & the relationship they share.

Here's what one of Milo's hooman sisters had to say about him!

"Milo is a 2.5 year old Indie baby and the light of our lives. We adopted Milo in the summer of 2019 from the streets of Lajpat Nagar. As a baby, he had really long ears which made us think that he was a beagle-mix but little did we know that Milo would just keep on growing into the massive boy he is today!

He is the center of attention in our home (& rightfully so!).

We don't know much about what happened to him on the streets but none of that has stopped Milo from living his best life. He has such a feisty personality and so many expressions! He will not cuddle with you if he doesn't want to and demands his own personal space.

We don't think he realizes how big he his because every night he shuffles between his bed and ours leaving practically no place for anyone else to sleep!

He absolutely loves to eat ice & stare outside the balcony. Milo has an impeccable sense of style (courtesy his family) and we sometimes call him our grumpy old man because we have spoiled him to no end!

But at the end of the day, all he wants to do is be around us and is always trying to protect us from lizards, strangers and of course flies! We love him to bits!!!!

When Hansika (one of Milo's sisters) texted me & said that she was keen on getting a shoot done of him, I was like yeah let's go! She then told me, "He's an indie mix & we THINK he has a bit of beagle in him, but we don’t know!”

So when I walked up to their home, of course, I was imagining a dog that was maybe slightly bigger than a beagle, or maybe the size of a lab.

I rang the doorbell, not knowing what to expect, but oh my god! Milo was the biggest indie I had EVER SEEN! He was HUGE! Bigger than a lab for sure & as he gave me his paw for a handshake, I realized how heavy it was, hahaha.

We had some cold coffee while Milo got used to me & the equipment. We went through a few commands to brush up his skills, and by the time we finished our coffee & introductions to each other, he was ready for his shoot!

Check out some photos from Milo's shoot along with some behind the scenes!

Behind-The-Scenes & Review

I had been looking around for a pet photographer for a while for my 3 year old Indie –Milo. It was really important to me to get some beautiful photos of him that truly captured his lively spirit and unique personality. I looked around for a bit, and ‘Pawparazzi by Prathima ’ stood out from every other photographer I looked at.

Let me just say that Prathima is truly a fantastic photographer and loves fur babies. This was evident from all stages of our interactions. She really took the time to talk to us about Milo and get to know what he liked or disliked and the way we wanted the shoot to turn out.

She is very professional, fun and easy to work with. She is a great listener and offered up suggestions and tips about the session during our pre-shoot consultation a week before the actual shoot. We described what kind of photos we were hoping to achieve and she went above and beyond our expectations!

Not only is Prathima an amazing photographer, but she is also a lovely person who makes you & your fur baby feel comfortable. She was so great with Milo - he took to her straight away and the whole experience was absolutely wonderful! And the photo’s - WOW! She managed to capture every side of Milo’s personality and we had a great mix of photos to choose from - some natural, some more posey, some goofy - needless to say we had trouble deciding!

Prathima’s passion and talent also came across in her editing and finishing too! She got the best shots back to us exceptionally quickly and we couldn't be happier with the whole experience.

I would highly recommend Pawparazzi Pet Photography to anyone wanting some beautiful photographs of their fur babies that they can treasure for years to come!

Don’t hesitate and just book a shoot quickly! You would really want to frame every picture Prathima takes! - Hansika Sahu

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