Your Portrait Session

There are 4 steps that we follow at Pawparazzi to ensure that you and your furry one are comfortable and have a wonderful experience!

Step 1

Pre - session Meeting


An opportunity for us to discuss and conceptualise the shoot and for your pup to get used to our equipment!

Step 2

Shoot  Day



A fun day out (or in) filled with adventure, lots of treats & great memories!

Step 3

Post - production


Sit back & relax while we edit your images!

Step 4



Your favorite images ready to be hung on the wall!

Pets are as much as part of our family as any of the people we love.

Our aim is to capture the soul of your pet and the relationship that you share with them. 

Pets are a part of our lives, and its never too late

or too early to start collecting

lasting memories.

Your pet comes first!

The happiness and well-being of your pet is the most important element of a photoshoot.

If at anytime, we feel that your pet is feeling threatened or unhappy in any way, we will end the session and rearrange for another day when your pet is feeling more relaxed, at no additional cost.