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Warning: Cuteness Overload

When it comes to photographing puppies & your special furries, we are the go-to photography company in India.

Uno is a pup who is ON from the moment he’s awake till the time he sleeps. a Literal fuzzy ball of energy, curiosity & naughtiness. He makes you laugh till you snort because he keeps tripping over his own paws!

From the moment I walked in the door, he was zooming around the house, barking & welcoming me into his space! He absolutely loves treatos & almost chomped my hand off when I offered him one!

His quirks :-

His attention span is about 5 seconds. He LOOOOVES slides, although he doesn’t slide down them, he runs & that ended up in us getting such a beautiful shot of him showing his playful side!

He LOVES stealing shoes, has chewed many pairs in the last 6 months & likes to pick them up in his mouth when he senses that you're taking him out for a walk.

He doesn’t eat too many chicken treats, instead he prefers Cucumbers & fruits, (if only I could be that healthy hahahha)

Our shoot took place at a kids park in Versova - Mumbai. The light was absolutely beautiful. We did an evening - sunset shoot & even though there were soooo many people around, no one objected to Uno being there! It was so refreshing! It's usually the opposite, anywhere you go honestly.

But, a little bit of photoshop goes a long way! We got some beautiful photos & I can't wait for you to take a look at them, so scroll on!

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