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Okay, I’ll be honest.

I get A LOT of enquiries for puppy shoots. There are many times when people get excited after bringing a new puppy home & want to call me to capture the special moments.

But seldom does anyone really follow through with the shoot. I often hear people say “but he’s not going to stay in one place”, or “he sleeps all day, how will we get enough photographs?”, "he's too small & isn't trained enough".

Puppies are constantly jumping from one thing to another every second & it’s my job as a pet photographer to get the best photos possible.

So you shouldn’t have to be the one to worry about whether or not you'll get results, it's our job to give you results!

I have all the tricks I need, up my sleeves.

All you have to do is be in the moment & enjoy this time with your pup.

They grow up way too fast & every minute matters. ♥️🐾

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your shoot with your little one!



As we all know… they grow up on us! FAST!

Puppies are only little for a short time and there’s a limited window to capture the look you love the most. It’s important to document these moments in your life with them.

They don’t live as long as we do & getting a photoshoot done early helps preserve memories that you create with them while still getting to know them!

They are & naughtiest selves around 3months ‑ 5months.

This is the best time to capture their quirkiness & energy!


2. Carry their favourite treats and toys!

Puppies have an attention span of 0.01 seconds & tend to get easily distracted by anything around them!

Carrying their favorite toys helps us bring their attention back to us to get photos of them looking straight into the camera!

Puppies are also in the process of learning & a good amount of it also happens on shoots! Some dogs respond to praise, some to playtime, but most of them respond to treats!

Carry a bunch of their favorite, most smelliest treats for us to reward them when they have given us the money shot!


3. Manage their energy

Puppies have a lot of energy in them. It’s best to take them on a long walk or have a quick play session with them before we arrive for the shoot!

This way, they’re tired out just enough for them to listen a little more!

Don’t forget! Don’t overdo the playing!

A 10 minute session should be more than enough to get them pumped & prepared for the shoot!


4. Don't feed them a full meal!

Most of our puppy shoots happen in the morning, from the comfort of your home.

If you’ve booked a morning slot with us for your dogs shoot, we suggest that you give them only half of the meal they would normally be served.

This helps us keep them attentive with treats & it helps your puppy enjoy his treat reward more!


5. Pick them up (while you still can!)

Speaking of puppies growing up quickly…you can only hold breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labradors, German Shepards, and others in your arms for a short period of time.

So get some CUDDLE in! Now’s the time!

You’ll never regret doing something, but you may regret NOT doing it!


6. Get involved!

Be a part of the shoot.

I understand that you may not be comfortable in front of the camera, that’s okay, I'm here to help you with that!

It’s okay to be uncomfortable in the moment. You may want the shoot to be only of your pupper, but trust me, try to be a part of it as much as possible.

It’s all worth it in the end when you see the photos.

If later you don’t want to select those photographs, that’s alright, at least you have that option & don’t miss out on it!


7. Puppy eyes!

Don’t you just love it when your puppy just looks up at you, heart full of hope & eyes full of expectation?

I can’t EVER say NO when they make make the puppy eyes…one of my greatest weaknesses hehehe

Take advantage of this time & the puppy‑eye look they give you! Even though they do it for the rest of their life, the puppy stage is the cutest!

If you would like a photo like one of these during your photo session, please let us know while booking!


8. Plan for the important occasions

If you’re someone who celebrates Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even Mother’s Day in a big way, don’t forget to include your puppy in it!

They’re puppies only for a very short period of time & you should make the most of it!


9. Hire a professional pet photographer!

This is definitely a shameless plug for Pawparazzi Pet Photography (hehehe),

but it’s the truth!

When it comes to photographing puppies & your special furries, we’re the go‑to photography company in India.

Over the years clients have told us that they hire us because there’s only one chance to get it right. Puppies grow up so fast, so there’s no time for mistakes!

Our process is exclusive and our final output are timeless, beautiful photographs. Your puppy portraits will be a conversation piece to have & for you to enjoy for a lifetime!

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