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There's Nothing Cuter Than, Cute Little Puppies!

Okay, I’ll be honest.

I get A LOT of enquiries for puppy shoots. There are many times when people get excited after bringing a new puppy home & want to call me to capture the special moments.

But seldom does anyone really follow through with the shoot. I often hear people say “but he’s not going to stay in one place”, or “he sleeps all day, how will we get enough photographs?”, "he's too small & isn't trained enough".

Trust me when I say this, puppies have such a short attention span & want to do so many things at once, that within an hour of the shoot, you will WITHOUT A DOUBT have photos that are would we would get in 3 hours of shooting.

Puppies are constantly jumping from one thing to another every second & it’s my job as a pet photographer to get the best photos possible. So you shouldn’t have to be the one to worry about whether or not you'll get results, it's our job to give you results!

I have all the tricks I need up my sleeves.

So all you have to do is be in the moment & enjoy that time with your pup.

They grow up way too fast & every minute matters.

This is probably the 2nd puppy shoot I’ve done & both shoots have been such different experiences! Check out this puppy's shoot & take a look at how much fun we had!


Say Hello, to Jammy!

A naughty-as-can-be Beagle Puppy with the energy of a Tasmanian Devil (the Looney Tunes character), the eyes of a heart breaker (we all know those 😜) & an appetite of an Elephant!

Jammy, for some reason loves chewing on people's ankles. From the second I stepped foot into their home, he was chasing after me with mouth wide open, showing his tiny alligator teeth. His energy meter was ON from the minute I got there.

Bouncing from one toy to another.

If I wasn't wearing my camera strap around my neck, I could suddenly feel him playing tug-of-war with it!

Jammy's mom had told me that she wanted their everyday moments to be captured.

They way he would sit while she served him food, they way he would play with them, the way they would hold him on the railing of the balcony & show him the world, the cuddle sessions that they'd have, the works....

He was growing fast everyday & she wanted to stop time & remember this tiny little quirks of his before he matures into his adult self.

We spent 3 hours, running around the house with him. At one point, while all 3 of us hoomans were bent over, taking support of our knees & catching our breath, Jammy was off retrieving the next toy he wanted to play with.

FINALLY, Jammy's eyelids were getting heavy & before we knew it, he nodded off into a deep sleep. We then took this opportunity to get some cuddly photos of him with his parents!

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