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Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice.

What can I say about Indies shoots that I haven't already said? Indies are my faaaavourite, especially when there's more than one!!

Natalia had booked a shoot with me a while back for her old doggo Kalu. We discussed all the details of the shoot & finally decided to do a mix of a family & portrait shoot.

A week later, I suddenly get a call from her. Usually, when a client says that, it's mostly to cancel or postpone the shoot. But this surprise was the best I could have ever gotten. Nat calls me & says "Guess what?! My dad got me 2 more indie puppies & they'll be a part of the shoot as well!"

I was then spammed (in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE) with loooads of photos of the two indie pups - Spring & Summer.

I loved the names. Not because they sound beautiful, but also because they ACTUALLY suit the personality of both the pups.

Spring - literally has springs in her feet. This girl doesn't walk, she bounces from one place to another. She HATES being carried & uses your body to spring off of you & onto the ground. Full of energy, always the troublemaker, she's me in dog form!

Summer - quite literally follows Spring. She's a calm soul. Judges the situation first before following in Spring's footsteps. Loves to crawl into your lap for a cuddle & will pass out anywhere. Her head tilts will melt your heart & her eyes will hypnotize anyone into reaching into the treat box for more goodies.

But, take out a toy or some treats & these two girls are a force to be reckoned with.

With their cute little beady eyes that could hypnotize you let them get away with absolutely anything & with puppy barks that are as shrill as a train whistle, there's no mercy hehehe. These girls WILL GET THEIR WAY.

I mean, how could they not?! Just look at them!!

Natalia's family has only ever had indies their whole lives. Rescue & adoption have been a huge part of their upbringing as children & I'm so glad to see them take that forward into their adulthood & celebrate their indie pups just like any other dog!

There's no better feeling than to have your clients treat you as a part of the family, so after a long, cuddly, fun-filled 3 hour shoot, Natalia & her family treated me to some lip-smacking, spicy Aloo Paratha & sugary Cold Coffee!

Being able to get the attention of 3 dogs that are all so different from each other is extremely difficult but Prathima managed to do that so well! Not only did she capture their images so candidly but she also managed to make us all enjoy the process and was so loving towards all my dogs. It was a great experience and felt more like a fun family activity for us. - Natalia Walia
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