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Big Brother Shoes

Bringing a new life into this world is a beautiful thing and an exciting time for everyone!

Loki was excited and all set to become a big brother!

I had just started pet photography when I heard that a good friend of mine was expecting a baby!

What an exciting time for everyone! I've always loved her dog, Loki and thought that I'd do a maternity shoot for them!

Madhulika treated Loki as her child and jumped at the idea of having a maternity shoot with him in it!

We decided to do the photo-shoot in the comfort of her home, to give it a realistic and raw feel. Moved around some furniture, used props that were in the house and voila!

We helped captured someones beautiful journey in life & created memories that they will cherish forever!

“Loki is the love of our lives and we could not imagine a maternity shoot without him! Thanks for working your magic on my fellow and making him pose so well! It is really commendable how you pulled it off in such a short time! A memory for life!”

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