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Are you ready to have your heart melt?

There's literally nothing cuter than a dog taking care of his baby brother / sister & Oh. My. God, if this isn't the cutest photoshoot ever, I don't know what is...


Alright so, a few months ago, I did a photoshoot with Coffee, a cute-as-can-be golden retriever and his family who had a baby on the way. They wanted to capture some cuddly moments with Coffee before the baby came as a way to commemorate him & how wonderful he's been through the pregnancy.

Cut to, a month after the baby arrived, I got a call from his family to come home & capture the relationship that Coffee now shares with his new baby brother!!

I was actually blown away.

From the moment I entered the house, Coffee held my arm in his mouth & pulled me to his baby brothers crib (this is normal for some dogs to communicate that they want you to do

something specific)! Coffee stood next to me with the biggest grin on his face that said "Look at him!! He's MY brother!!"

The shoot was beyond fantastic. Coffee was so gentle & caring. He would notify us when the baby needed his diaper to be changed & would even lick the baby's face to soothe him when he was cranky & crying!

I knew that dogs are sensitive & could read situations very well. I knew they were capable to do all of this instinctively, but never had I seen it happen in person, and it was beautiful.

Adding another review for the second photoshoot we did with Prathima just after a month from the first. It was after my baby arrived. Again Prathima was very patient. She handled my dog and my baby very well. Overall the shoot experience has been great with her. She made me feel very comfortable during the 1st shoot when I was in my 9th month of pregnancy and then again just 2 weeks after my cesarean.. I would definitely recommend her to you all. - Priyanka Pilankar

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