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All Eight, ADOPTED!

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”― Karen Davison

One day, a malnourished, bony dog was found scurrying across Kemps Corner, scared and trying to run across the main road. Aditi Shah was able to lure her into the compound of her furniture store with some biscuits!

Biscuit came to them, all wounded and starving. Aditi fed and cared for her, only to find out not long after, that Biscuit was pregnant!

Aditi is the wonderful, warm hearted and selfless person because of who Biscuit's and her babies lives changed! If it weren't for her, these adorable little pups below wouldn't have survived!

Here's Biscuit! the mommy to all of the babies you're about to see! She's probably the bravest mother out there!

Biscuit developed a relationship with Aditi and her mom very quick! She knew that she could trust and rely on them. She waited for them to come to the office (where she was staying) and delivered all 8 puppies beautifully at 5:00am without any help! One hell of a kickass mom!

They made a whelping box to help her give birth, but Biscuit made her a cozy little space of her own in the corner of the office!

Eight puppies. Eight beautiful, unique and cute-as-a-button puppies!

As sad as it is, Indies generally have a much lower adoption rate than other dogs. Since they aren't purebreds and most often than not, have a traumatic childhood, people find it difficult to adopt them.

BUT, in the times that we're living in today, where there is sadness and loss all around, let us celebrate the fact that ALL EIGHT OF THESE PUPPIES GOT ADOPTED!

Here they are with their new hoomans and forever homes!

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