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A dog named ginger

This kind of story is my favorite kind of story. One that warms your heart every time you read it.

Now, you'd wonder why I named the title of this blog post "A dog named Ginger", but I assure you, you'll totally understand why once you read more.

The word for ginger in Malayalam is Inji.

Damn cute of a word right? Inji.

Now imagine a dog that looked a little bit like ginger...

2 Photos taken 1 year apart!

Look at those puppy wrinkles of her skin, and the tears in her eyes... Look at that transformation! You could have never in your wildest dreams guessed that THAT dog on the left would look like the dog on the right just 1 year later!

Hehehe, now do you see why her parents named her INJI (ginger)?

Here's a little bit more about Inji's story! "Inji came to us a year ago. Her homecoming is next month but we decided to do the shoot on valentine's day to double the celebration 🎉.

Inji came to us a day before the lockdown when she looked like a little rat with no hair and we decided to foster her since we were not working because of the pandemic.

The day she entered our home, we knew we were in trouble.

4 months later, when she was all healed and ready to get adopted we knew we couldn't let anyone else take her away from us.

So ofcourse we gave in (now that I think about it I should have let her create havoc in someone else's life 😂)

Our lockdown baby kept us sane while the world around us was going insane. And this was the perfect day to capture her stupid antics"

Oh what a beautiful day we had. Pratima is just absolutely amazing with the dogs and she instantly puts them at ease.

It was much easier to control this prancing goat of ours with her help.

Pratima has captured her expressions so perfectly and I couldn't have asked for anything better than this.

So a big thank you from me, Akshay and our girl, Inji 💜🌼

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