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A calling from goa

Sometimes, I can't believe that I ACTUALLY get the opportunities that I do in MY job - a pet photographer!

In 2019 - October (just after I shifted to Bombay) I got a call from Anjali. She told me all about her 3 cats and 2 dogs & was very interested to get a shoot done. After she told me that she stays in Goa & would like me to come there to photograph her kiddos, I was ecstatic!

I couldn't believe that I was actually being called to TRAVEL to a part of the country for a shoot! There was no way I was going to let this opportunity go!

But then, the CoronaVirus Pandemic happened in March 2020 & the India went under lockdown. Our plans went down the drain and we knew we just had to wait it out.

Finally, in Jan 2021, the situation was safe enough for me to travel, & off I went!

Anjali has the sweetest kiddos. Her dogs Lox & Lola have the most beautiful disposition. Lox is a distemper survivor & so his lower lip muscles always relax and then flex, relax and then flex, which makes it look like he's smiling! And Lola, sweet girl Lola... She would just let you do anything you wanted to her.

Her cattos - Kitkat, Royce and Twix own the place! They are the kings and queens of the land.

Check out the BEHIND THE SCENES video of the shoot!

"We have 5 Pets. 3 cats and 2 dogs, an uncommon combination of animals and overall life choices.

But alas, they were all strays and gave us no choice. We had to have them in our lives.

Documenting their journey with us was always something I’ve wanted to do- but didn’t know how . Prathima came suggested as a friend and I wondered if she would be able to capture all of these nuts in 1 shoot.

Needless to say - she was great!

Her vibe was chill, she knew how to intersect with different personalities and was super patient with my 3 cats, all of which hate the camera.

We got some lovely moments with our doggos and got our 3 chocolate cats in their element. Poised and super podgy!

Thanks Prathima for the lovely moments !" - Anjali Mody

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