Our Story

My whole life I begged my parents for a dog and they kept telling me that when I turned 13 I would be able to take care of one and that's when they would get me a pet.

When I turned 10, I moved to a boarding school & unfortunately, my chance of getting a dog did not materialise.

In 2015, when I started college we were finally able to bring home this cute little bundle of joy who we named Pax.  He was the best dog ever.

True to his name, he always made sure that we didn't scream at each other and that there was peace at home, because if we did, he would bark at us & tell us to stop!  

He was adorable. He was our new sibling and we loved him dearly.  

In September 2017, Pax passed away after undergoing a surgery. Being a photographer, I loved taking his photographs and took thousands of them which helped me capture memories that we shared with him over the course of his life.

These photographs, now help us relive those memories even today, as the photographs hang on our walls.

Pawparazzi was started soon after Pax passed, with the idea that we would help families capture precious moments of their pets, moments which will then become invaluable memories.


Pets are family.

At Pawparazzi, we aim to capture the beautiful memories that you make with them.

Photos of Pax